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I attracted a Go-Pro (for free)

I am planning a trip overseas this year. I have been researching where to go, what to eat, shopping and have just been really excited about it.

I also started packing, both physically and mentally. This trip isn’t for months but I am really pumped up for it. So I had the urge to start packing a few smaller things and so that’s what I did. I also started mentally deciding what clothes I would be taking. While going through this process, a light thought occurred to me. I was looking at how to pack my camera securely and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-pro? It would be so easy to carry around and I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting damaged or wet.

It never occurred to me to actually go out and buy one. I just thought of how nice it would be to have one.

A few weeks later I was visiting a family member who is quite an adventurous person. That family member had just upgraded their go-pro and asked me if I wanted their ‘old one’ which was practically new but didn’t have the latest features. Um, hell yeah I did!

I’ve been having really great experiences especially now that I am meditating more often and trying to be light-hearted about life. The strategy that continues to work for me is to focus on things that truly make me happy, and not so much on what I want (that hasn’t manifested yet). So the universe continues to deliver experiences that suprise and delight me when I think about things in a gentle and non-resistant way. Hopeful and happy seems to be my magical combination.


A funny thing happened after writing about ‘How I attracted my soulmate’.

This is law of attraction at work. I can directly link this manifestation to my How I discovered the law of attraction and manifested my soulmate post because I wrote about my ex and how he inadvertently helped me discover the law of attraction. I put a lot of thought into that post and really had to think about that time in my life.

Thoughts become things. A week after writing that post, I was cleaning out my home (I have been slowly de-cluttering bits and trying to minimize the amount of stuff in my life) and I found a really old hard-drive from probably 10 or 11 years ago. I thought I had lost this particular hard-drive so it was quite exhilarating to find it. I plugged it in and found so many of my old pictures, documents, videos etc from that period in my life. I also found albums of pictures with me and my ex.

I haven’t seen these pictures and videos for at least 8 years so I cannot call it a co-incidence that I found it just a week after writing that emotionally filled post about my past. The law of attraction continues to say yes to everything you think, feel and allow. It’s truly real life magic and I love being surprised and delighted. I love having experiences like this where I can point out exactly what I did to attract that.


I attracted clothes (for free)

This happened last week. 2 weeks prior, I had given my wardrobe a spring clean and downsized substantially. I’m not exactly a minimalist but I don’t want to be a hoarder. So my wardrobe was looking really good and I felt gratitude for the clothes I have. I noticed all the colours, the variation and I was really pleased with how well it fit into my closet without being crowded. I also briefly noticed that I needed new jeans. I only had 2 pairs. But I let that thought go unconsciously because I went back to focusing on the variety of jackets, t shirts etc.  Without even realizing it, I had put a wish out into the universe and by focusing on what I had in abundance, it brought more to me.

2 weeks later a friend was moving house and decided to get rid of a whole bunch of clothes. Now this friend is a shop-a-holic and half the stuff that they were getting rid of was either used once or twice, or still had the tags on it. My friend gave me 3 big bags of stuff and asked if I wanted anything. I ended up taking 7 pairs of jeans and a few other bits and pieces. Now my wardrobe is complete and I have more jeans than I’ve ever had in my life.

It’s definitely easier to attract the things that i’m not invested in too much. Lightly caring about something plus focus on abundance/happiness is usually the magical combination. The trick is figuring out how to care about something less when it matters a lot. One way to do it is to put your awareness onto a different subject. You can’t say “pink elephant” and not think about a pink elephant. So in order to stop thinking about that, focus on the purple dragon instead.


How I manifested my dream job

This experience happened over a few years but it started in 2013 and finally came to fruition in 2016. I wanted to manifest a job at this particular company and I knew the exact role I wanted. The company was located in a different city to where I was living at the time.

At the time, I was still inexperienced for the role and didn’t have much confidence that I could do it. I was also still a law of attraction rookie. I did visualization, I acted as if, I even tried to write a list again. I wrote a list of what I would pack for my relocation. But I wasn’t ready for it. I had a certain anxiety and lack of confidence in my ability to do the job. I wanted it but was afraid of having it.


So instead of attracting the job that I wanted in 2013, I attracted other jobs which in hindsight taught me everything I needed to be ready to be ready for my dream job.


Here’s what I was lacking: confidence, practical experience and industry knowledge.


Job #1 gave me confidence. It was a customer service role that fell into my lap through word of mouth. At the time it wasn’t what I was asking for but I needed the money so I took it. They got thousands of applicants but because I was recommended by a friend, I was quite hired straight away. At first it was daunting and I felt uncomfortable. I am an introvert who had to interact with hundreds of people everyday, make cheery small talk and go completely out of my comfort zone. I was forced to do this every day. And it got easier every day. I mimicked the more experienced customer service reps, learned how to change my body language and got really good at not only making small talk but genuinely enjoying having conversations with so many people from different walks of life.


Job #2 gave me industry knowledge. While working at job #1, I was subscribed to a job website which sent email alerts based on your keywords. About a year into working at job #1, one particular email alert caught my eye and I decided to apply for the position because it was in the industry that I wanted to be a part of. Once I got the job, the interviewers actually told me that they had seen pretty bad candidates all day and were about to give up. I was the last on their list and a few minutes in and they knew that they wanted me. I learned the ins and outs of the industry from behind the scenes. I was surrounded by professionals in an all round positive environment. I got to talking with the team and over the next year I was so much more knowledgeable and understood more of what they looked for in my dream role.


Job #3 gave me practical experience. This was a little over a year into working at job #2. I stumbled across a news article for a smaller company in my desired industry. They weren’t hiring at the time but the news article mentioned future expansion. So I applied. I had no practical experience at the time but what the heck, I had nothing to lose. I visualized my linkedin with my job title and their company name. They got back to me saying that they weren’t hiring at present. But a month and a half later I received an email about an opening and was hired for the job.


Job #4 my dream job. I was finally ready. The year was 2016. I had just finished up a contract at job #3 and was jobless till more steady work came in. I didn’t want to let myself get depressed again so I went for more walks outside and in nature. I found a beautiful lookout not far from where I lived. I went there almost every day. I also discovered the teachers ‘Abraham Hicks’ – a group of non physical entities channelled by a lady named Esther Hicks. I know that sounds crazy but after listening to their material I was a believer. They said things that rang so true to my soul and made me hopeful for the future. One of the things Abraham mentioned is to think about WHY you want something. Why do you want that job? Why do you want that money?

So I wanted a sum of money to buy this one particular house which made me happy. I decided to visualise myself living in that house, waking up to such a beautiful view, my amazing furniture, closet etc. I wanted the feeling of security, loving where I lived, purpose, joy, financial freedom and abundance. So every day I would go to my lookout spot and revel in those feelings. I asked the universe for clarity of purpose as well and that i’d like a blue feather to let me know that i’m on the right track.


2 weeks later, I received an email out of the blue from a recruiter at my dream job. She mentioned that I had applied almost 9 months prior (I hadn’t heard back from them, and by that point I must have applied to them at least twice a year for 3 years). She said that there was an opening and that they wanted to interview me.

I had an interview scheduled for a couple of days later so I decided to really put myself in the right frame of mind and ask the universe of guidance and reassurance. I was on my way to my usual lookout spot when I just had a little impulse to stop by a park that I usually just pass by. When I started wandering around there, I came across a pathway that I had never seen or even knew was there. I was so excited that I just followed it and it led me down to a secluded beach. I started walking along the beach and my foot hit something in the sand. I looked down and there was a vivid blue feathered bird. That was my sign. The universe didn’t just give me a blue feather, it gave me the whole damn bird. Anyway I got the job.


I learned that the universe will deliver to you only when you are a vibrational match to your desire. I didn’t know that I wasn’t. I needed to go through a few more life experiences before I was ready. Abraham Hicks teaches that you need to be “ready to be ready to be ready” and I finally understand what that means.


How I discovered the law of attraction and manifested my soulmate.

The year was 2008. I had just come out of a bad breakup and was at my lowest point emotionally. I was already quite an insecure person, I had depression for at least 6 years up till then and had fairly high social anxiety. The relationship had been turbulent but it was also my security blanket. Having someone to lose yourself in, to depend on, to tell you that you are loved and cared was really nice. But it also came with an unhealthy dependency on another persons affection to make you feel worthy. So when I lost that relationship, more of my sense of self was lost with it.


After many months of crawling through deep despair I moved into a state of trying to get back together. I tried everything – begging, anger, guilt tripping.. but nothing worked. Finally I decided to google “How to get your ex back” and stumbled across a website called ‘Powerful Intentions’ ( At this point I had never seen or heard anything about the law of attraction (loa). But the forum on that site was filled with posts about how to attract your ex back using this loa. I have to note that I have come a long way since that period in my life and I would never even want to attract an ex back (I doubt it’s even possible) but back then I was willing to try anything.


This also happened to be around the time that the book ‘The Secret’ started becoming really popular. I had seen it around a few bookstores and it always looked intriguing but I never picked it up. On that website many of the discussions mentioned was the book and dvd and they kept referencing this powerful law of attraction. Something about thoughts become things and it’s all about the feeling. Sounded a bit like wishful thinking to me but as I said, I was willing to try anything.


I ended up buying the book and managed to score the dvd from a friend who had also recently heard of ‘The Secret’. After the first viewing my mind was blown and I was hungry for more. One of the people on the dvd was a man named Jack Canfield who had co-authored the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ books. I loved these books and so I was particularly interested in his story. He mentioned meeting a man named W.Clement Stone and he decided to attract $100,000 into his life. He wrote a cheque for $100,000 and stuck it on his ceiling. Every morning he would wake up and see that visual reminder and would imagine himself already having that money in his life. Nothing happened for about 30 days but then a thought came to him about writing a short book. Pieces of the ‘how to do this’ started falling into place and to make a long story short, he made little over $90k that year.


I started looking up more information about Jack Canfield and listened to recordings on YouTube and other places. I trawled through the Powerful Intentions website almost every day and learned as much as I could. In 2008 it was still early days and people didn’t fully understand the law of attraction. There was a lot of unfinished information or inaccurate information going around e.g. opening yourself up to evil spirits. I have since learned that there is only a source of good. Emotions you feel are on a scale of least good to most good. There is no source of evil. We come from pure positive energy. Anyway, this learning really helped me to see that I was the creator of my own experience and I had the power to control my thoughts and feelings.


I went through 2009 learning more and more and attempting to attract things deliberately. I can’t remember attracting anything big that year but I was still hungry to learn more. Towards the end of 2009 I read a post about writing down a list of things you want, visualizing them with feeling and then letting it go (they said to “let go and let God”). So I wrote down a list of things I wanted in my future husband. I decided that I wanted my next relationship to be ‘the one’. I put a lot of thought into it. I thought about my exes and things I liked and didn’t like. I thought about things that I would potentially want as well. I got specific only where I knew exactly what I wanted. Otherwise I stayed general and trusted that the universe would know what I truly desired. Here’s my list:

  • Same values as me
  • Open-minded
  • Spiritual
  • Patient
  • Interested in the same issues as me
  • Good looking
  • Loves me to bits
  • Easy to talk to
  • Interesting
  • Has a cool last name
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy
  • Loves animals
  • loves reading
  • charismatic
  • dependable
  • loves culture
  • loves travelling
  • adorable
  • strong yet gentle
  • loves cuddles

I’ve left out 4 that I think are a bit personal but otherwise this is my fairly extensive list. I then decided to ‘let it go’ which meant that I had to really enjoy the moment and enjoy being single and fall in love with myself before anyone else could. I did 2 things after writing the list. I visualized myself and this soulmate hugging one another and feeling a deep sense of love. I felt secure in the hug and told myself that everything was going to be alright. The second thing I did was I put on a necklace that had a heart pendant on it. This was so that I could act as if my soulmate had given me that chain. Then I let it go. I put the list away and made a decision that I didn’t want to be in a relationship that year (this was December 2009. I wanted to remain single in 2010 and just enjoy other things).


Once I made that decision to be single, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt like I was happy doing other things. I went out to movies with friends, I even 3rd wheeled it a few times but when I told people that I didn’t want to be in a relationship right now, I felt lighter and no pressure. I started focusing on art, started taking a few classes at the gym and just getting on with life. Every now and again I would look at the heart pendant and tell my soulmate “thank you, I love it”.


This was the happiest I had been in a long time. I was starting to bounce back into the bubbly being I used to be. I focused on what I wanted and trying not to please other people so much. My whole energy changed. And wouldn’t you know it, a few months later I was going out with my now husband. I had actually known him for almost a year but we started hanging out more and getting to know each other more. I know I said that I didn’t want to go out with anyone in 2010 but it just happened and it felt good. So I went with it. Follow your bliss.

I didn’t tell him any of this initially, so the best surprise for me was when he gave me a heart necklace for our 1 year anniversary.


The lesson I learned was that letting go isn’t always easy but it is necessary. Letting go means trusting that the universe has delivered to you. You have to figure out how to believe that. For me, using the necklace helped to increase that belief that my soulmate was already with me. And making the decision to be single helped because I wasn’t putting my awareness on the lack of him manifesting in my life yet. He arrived almost exactly 3 months after I wrote my list. He was already in my life to be precise, but neither of us had ever even thought of the prospect of dating. But my happy self just attracted more happiness and now we are happily married. I want to thank my exes for giving me that contrast in experience which helped me to know what I don’t want. I asked the universe for things I could predict. My husband is way way way better than anything I could have asked for. Ask, believe, trust, receive.