I attracted a Go-Pro (for free)

I am planning a trip overseas this year. I have been researching where to go, what to eat, shopping and have just been really excited about it.

I also started packing, both physically and mentally. This trip isn’t for months but I am really pumped up for it. So I had the urge to start packing a few smaller things and so that’s what I did. I also started mentally deciding what clothes I would be taking. While going through this process, a light thought occurred to me. I was looking at how to pack my camera securely and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a go-pro? It would be so easy to carry around and I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting damaged or wet.

It never occurred to me to actually go out and buy one. I just thought of how nice it would be to have one.

A few weeks later I was visiting a family member who is quite an adventurous person. That family member had just upgraded their go-pro and asked me if I wanted their ‘old one’ which was practically new but didn’t have the latest features. Um, hell yeah I did!

I’ve been having really great experiences especially now that I am meditating more often and trying to be light-hearted about life. The strategy that continues to work for me is to focus on things that truly make me happy, and not so much on what I want (that hasn’t manifested yet). So the universe continues to deliver experiences that suprise and delight me when I think about things in a gentle and non-resistant way. Hopeful and happy seems to be my magical combination.


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