A funny thing happened after writing about ‘How I attracted my soulmate’.

This is law of attraction at work. I can directly link this manifestation to my How I discovered the law of attraction and manifested my soulmate post because I wrote about my ex and how he inadvertently helped me discover the law of attraction. I put a lot of thought into that post and really had to think about that time in my life.

Thoughts become things. A week after writing that post, I was cleaning out my home (I have been slowly de-cluttering bits and trying to minimize the amount of stuff in my life) and I found a really old hard-drive from probably 10 or 11 years ago. I thought I had lost this particular hard-drive so it was quite exhilarating to find it. I plugged it in and found so many of my old pictures, documents, videos etc from that period in my life. I also found albums of pictures with me and my ex.

I haven’t seen these pictures and videos for at least 8 years so I cannot call it a co-incidence that I found it just a week after writing that emotionally filled post about my past. The law of attraction continues to say yes to everything you think, feel and allow. It’s truly real life magic and I love being surprised and delighted. I love having experiences like this where I can point out exactly what I did to attract that.


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