The strategy that continues to work for me.

Here’s the short version: Focusing on something else that brings you joy.

Detailed version: I understand why this strategy works for me but it isn’t always easy to do. This is the “letting go” part of Law of Attraction.

When I am focused on my desired object or situation, based on past experience, the thing always shows up quicker if i’m focusing on something else with joy. In my post about how I attracted my dream job, I mentioned about finding a lookout spot. What I didn’t get into too much detail about is that I used to go there and focus on things that weren’t work related. For example I would think about my dream home, waking up every morning to this beautiful view, what my kitchen would look like etc. I wasn’t trying to actively manifest a house at that point. But it just felt nice to think about those details. It took my mind off the fact that my dream job hadn’t shown up yet.

The same happened when I attracted my soulmate. I decided to let it go and decided that I didn’t want a relationship at that point of time. I got happy doing other things like going out with friends, starting up an art project, watching movies and just getting on with life.


I’ve heard it expressed in this way – Let go and let god. Now i’m not particularly religious so in this context, god is the universe/great over-mind.


I constantly need to remind myself of this strategy because it’s so easy to get way too involved in the outcome and focus on the lack of it’s manifestation. Recently I have been focusing on a particular amount of money. I thought I was doing really well and I would get on these really high highs, only to crash to really low lows. This is not sustainable and really not the best way to be (for me anyway). I have stopped focusing on the money now. I have put it out there and I have surrendered it all to the universe. Now I am busying myself up with new projects (including this blog) and just getting on with life. The money isn’t urgent so I need to trust. Everything that happens is good. Life is happening for me not to me.


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